Morgan’s Progress Meters 0.5

Releasing version 0.5– something I wanted to do, and didn’t get a chance to do earlier, was to add multiuser support. In the admin panel there are now three sub-pages: Manage > Progress Meters, Options > Progress Meters Stylist, and Options > Progress Meters Options.

The latter page adds the ability to pick what user roles have access to the Progress Meters. Note that you can only edit/delete/add/embed/see your own progress meters. (I’ll probably add code in the next version to allow admins to manage all meters if they want to, but for now this applies to them as well.) It also allows you to pick who can use the Stylist as well.


Progress Meters Options Page 

Download here:

Morgan’s Progress Meters 0.4.2

Releasing version 0.4.2– apparently my code for 0.4.1 was missing the bit of code to actually store the option value that was tracking the database schema version. This was the culprit for the error message:

WordPress database error: [Duplicate column name 'meter_updated']

You’ll likely get the error once more but then it should disappear on the next page load. Many apologies for the wait for the corrected version.

Download here:

Morgan’s Progress Meters 0.4

Releasing 0.4 right after 0.3 since I had time to get the widget done earlier than I had expected.


Update: I just noticed a glitch in how the database upgrade scripts process and had to rework it a bit, so I’ve rerolled 0.4.1. I’ve added in a variable to track the database schema version number as well as the plugin version number, so future upgrades should go smoothly on this front.

Download here:

Morgan’s Progress Meters 0.1

I’m releasing 0.1 of the Progress Meters. I think it still needs some work (there have been some reports of some erratic behavior under WP-MU that I haven’t had a chance to track down yet), but I think that this is a good first release.

Version 0.2 should include the widget functionality to make things easier.

Download here:

State of the Hacker…

WordPress 2.1 changed how the links were stored in the database so the drop-down links widget will not work with WP 2.1. I’ll be rolling a new version soon. Things have been pretty busy for me lately (see my LiveJournal for more information) but I’ll try to get this going as soon as possible. I’m really digging WP 2.1, so I’m looking to get all my widgets updated for it.

I’m also going to be branching out into developing some pure WP plugins, rather than just sticking to widgets. I’m going to take some of the writer’s tools I’ve developed for Evolution Writers and make them into WP plugins (like the WIP manager, the progress meters, etc.). They’ll support WP-MU as well, and I’ll be installing them over on my MU install at Authors Abode.

I’ve also been developing a LUA add-on for World of Warcraft called UFActionBars (Unit Frame Action Bars) which is basically a replacement for the defunct Group Buttons mod that died– along with a slew of so very many others– with the launch of 2.0.

I’m also working on StormChat again. Now that the server move has been completed I’ve moved the CVS repository over and started work on cleaning up the code (again). I’ve written a quick, off-the-cuff FAL to get it to work with WordPress for the wife and will be expanding it to work nicely with WP-MU so I can install it on Authors Abode as well.

I still haven’t had a chance to dig up documentation on how to localize widgets/plugins in WordPress. If any readers happen to have a bookmark they can toss me, that’d be much appreciated. Thanks!