Long hiatus

I know I haven’t posted here in a long while, but my health issues have kept me busy focusing on getting the day job done. I’ve been learning a lot of new technologies and playing around a lot with Amazon’s cloud offerings. My work now uses WordPress MU on AWS to host some sites, including our homepage, which has been a challenge, getting the scaling right for that technology and finding how all the plugins work with WPMU.

It reminded me that I haven’t been good about keeping my own plugins up to date. I’m going to go through and see what is still relevant; I have a feeling that most of the Widgets I made are no longer needed as WordPress has evolved and included a lot of the alterations I was making into the basic options. As I find this deprecated plugins, I’ll take down the associated pages for them (although I’ll leave the blog posts up for posterity). For plugins that are still functional (such as the WIP Manager), I think I’m going to spend a little time (not too much, but enough) making sure they’re up to date with WP 3.4 and do things the new way. The sidebar offers a lot more room to organize things so I’ll likely create a tab of my own.

You may have also noticed the site URL change. I’ve gone by “stormerider” as my online handle for many, many years, so it was only appropriate that I actually pick up the domain name. I’ve used it especially in the coding community, so I figured I would put my tech blog here. For the longest time I went by the pen name of “Alan Morgan” as well, but that is changing. I’m in the process (once I collect the money to do so, along with my wife) of changing my name to “Morgan Blackthorne”.

I have a set of technical blog posts that I intend to publish over at Romance Divas (which I am a technical administrator for). I intend on cross-posting them here, although some of them may be a bit beginner-ish for this blog. I also think that I’m going to try to take some of the lessons that I’ve learned while working at the day job and post them up here, if my work will allow me to, so that others can learn from what I’ve done and blaze their own trail in the clouds.

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