StormChat Web 0.2.1 Release

StormChat Web 0.2.1, released on 6/2/2011

Changes include:

  • Many fixes in the SMF FALs.
  • Fixed up access to the admin console in the various FALs, in order to work on expanding the admin console (#3).
  • Abstracted the showModeratorGroups function into the various FALs instead of trying to code support for multiple FALs into the room library.
  • Add the ability to set debug level in the database, which will eventually be part of the admin console.
  • Log backtraces with each log message, for fine-grained detail of what’s going on.
  • Add filtering to the logging code, so you can tag log messages with a debug level (long overdue).
  • Enable/disable plugins via the admin console (#3).
  • Adjust timeout values via the admin console (#3).
  • Adjust general settings via the admin console (#3).
  • Modify/remove front page announcement value via the admin console (#3).
  • Adjust cron settings (which will generate crontab syntax for the user to use) via the admin console (#3).
  • Add link in the submit panel to the Admin Console if the user is a moderator.
  • Add idle/limbo/warning code to the script-based session handler.
  • Fixed (hopefully) the issue with ghosting sessions (#15).
  • Disable timing out of moderators. That was annoying.
  • Add a social network filter plugin for twitter:username and fb:username expansion. More to come, perhaps.
  • Add a StormChat Bug filter plugin to expand bug:id to be a link to the issue tracker.
  • Implement chat font face and size options directly (#26).
  • Implement the ability to control the frame layout values. This allows people to do things like hide the avatar pane when they are using chat in the Firefox sidebar (#24).

You can check out the code via Subversion, or download one of the following files:

NOTE: Please note that when upgrading from 0.2.0 to 0.2.1, you must run update.php (go to in your browser) to update your database schema to work properly with the code changes. Annoying things will happen if you do not!

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