Morgan’s Now Reading Exporter

I’ve recently stumbled across a very neat little site for sharing what books you’re reading. Something like a Friendster of reading lists, or Stumble Upon. Anyways, the site is GoodReads. For those of us who use the Now Reading plugin, though, it seemed like something that would be a pain to re-enter all the books that we’re already tracking via Now Reading.

However, GoodReads offers a CSV file import feature. As a result, I whipped up a minor plugin that exports all your Now Reading data into a handy CSV file that you can then import into over at GoodReads.

Download here:

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2 Responses to Morgan’s Now Reading Exporter

  1. Thank you X 1000!

    I’ve been wanting something like this since I first started using Now Reading.

  2. elle says:

    hi, just found this plugin for now reading and goodreads.
    your plugin imports from now reading to goodreads, any chance of doing the opposite and exporting from goodreads into now reading on your blog? then you would have a complete list of all your own books on your own site?