WIP Manager Progress…

Progress proceeds apace. I’ve managed to go through and simplify some of the conversion process a bit (thanks to VI’s wonderful regex engine) and looking at the code blocks I’ve isolated 12 remaining in need of conversion. One or two of them, I believe that I’ll end up scrapping as they deal with the way multiple users were handled on Evolution. With this WordPress version, multiple users will be best handled with WP-MU where each user will have their own blog. I could probably do it a different way, but it makes no sense given that the plugin uses the Admin Panel backend for management.

The work won’t be done when that’s complete, not by far, but at that point it’ll be usable to you the same way it is over at Evolution. Once all the conversion is complete, then I need to add in:

  • A widget to show your latest progress
  • An admin page to control options (permalink style, base?, etc)
  • A template system so people can show off their WIP pages however they want

Once the conversion is done I’ll roll the first version out and then do updates; I won’t wait for the other 3 items to be complete to issue a release.

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