A month or two ago, I moved this site off of my original colocated server to a dedicated virtual private server hosted over at RackForce. I’ve got nothing to complain about with their service– far from it, in fact– but apparently the majority of the emails coming from the RackForce server were being marked by Google Mail as spam.

Not sure why, and since I de-spammed a slew of them, Google Mail is now delivering them appropriately. However this does mean that I missed a lot of comments people left on the widgets. If you were wondering why I suddenly dropped out of touch, it was mainly because I was too busy to stop and think that there was something suspicious about the lack of emails about comments on the site.

I’ve gone through and commented on a bunch of them and will try to do some further testing as I have time on how to deal with the sizing on the drop-down widgets. Apparently Firefox auto-expands to fit the size of the content and IE does not, from what people are reporting. For some widgets, people like the Firefox behavior and some people like the IE behavior.

My gut tells me that CSS can handle this were code is not the best way to approach it. However, I can (fairly easily) add in an option to truncate the text after a user-specified limit which will allow people to simulate the IE behavior in Firefox. The reverse, on the other hand, I don’t think can be done via code… but should be able to be done via styling.

I’ll post more after I run some tests over the next week or two. Between work, writing, and World of Warcraft, I’ve been rather busy lately…

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