Widget Updates…

I’ve rolled new versions of the widgets with a minor bugfix. If you activate a widget without having the AutoMattic Widgets Plugin (AWP) turned on, you’ll either get a blank page on your site or you’ll get an error (most likely “Fatal error: Call to undefined function register_sidebar_widget()“).

The new versions will silently bypass the widget registration process if the AWP is not activated. It’s not exactly the way I wanted to do it, as I would have preferred to deactivate the widget automatically if the AWP wasn’t activated. The problem is, given how plugins are loaded, my widgets are often loaded before AWP, so they would never be active.

New versions:

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3 Responses to Widget Updates…

  1. michelle says:

    eeeexcellent widget.

    since i’m new this might be a fairly simple thing to answer–but is there anyway to make the drop down list wider?

    some of my categories are cut off because they have more words than are allowed to show in the list.

    thank you much for any help!


  2. lolly says:

    I have the opposite problem as michelle (which comment I realize was left almost a year ago, but this is the most recent update I’ve found.)

    I need the dropdown list to be narrower so it will fit in my sidebar. Is there some simple code I can change on mine to get it to do this?

    Otherwise, it’s great. Just what I was looking for. Thank you!

  3. Tim Finley says:

    I’m using your categories widget for my new blog and I think you have a bug in it. When you are showing categories as a drop down, with no hierarchy, the hide_empty option doesn’t work.

    if (($currentcat != $category->cat_ID && $parent == $category->category_parent && (!$hide_empty || $category->category_count > 0)) || (!$hierarchical) ) {

    Since I’m not using hierarchy, the last condition is always true, causing empty categories to show up. Did you mean to use ($hierarchical) instead of (!$hierarchical) ?