Drop-down Archives Widget…

Was curious, so went looking in the server logs and saw that over 130 people have downloaded this widget.

Wow. I really didn’t think it’d be that popular.

Keep new ideas coming, I’ll try to work on whatever I can. 🙂

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2 Responses to Drop-down Archives Widget…

  1. caitlyn says:

    Hi there,
    Thank you so much for your drop-down archives widget! It’s awesome. For my website, however, the drop-down appears differently in IE and FF. In FF, the sidebar looks completely normal. In IE, however, there is extra space/padding beneath the drop-down menu. Would you have any insight on how I could fix that in IE?
    Thanks in advance for your time. And again, great widget!

  2. caitlyn says:

    Sorry, I think I mistyped my email address in my last comment. It is correct for this comment. Don’t mean to be a pain…