Now reading enhancements…

I officially love the Now Reading plugin, but there are some itches that I need to scratch with it. This is mainly a to-do list for myself, though I will share the modified version (and Rob can feel free to integrate the changes if he wants to, or not, if he doesn’t):

  1. Add support for books that are not released yet.
    1. I’ve got the initial setup for this working over on my writing blog.
    2. I do need to figure out how to change the database structure to support the “unreleased” enum on b_status without making users execute the SQL manually.
    3. Add new field to the database: b_release. This will track when the book is to be released.
    4. Add support for updating unreleased books to check for new cover art.
  2. When adding books:
    1. Add support for editting the data returned by Amazon before adding it to the database. A lot of the time Amazon post-pends subtitles/series names/etc. to the title of the book that I want to trim. Or screws up the name of the author.
    2. Add support for setting the status of the book. No sense adding a book then going into the Manage page and marking it unreleased/currently reading/finished… should be able to do this in one step.

I think that’s the basic run-down of what I want to work on… will let you all know how it goes.

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